Perinton Animal Control & Local Rehabbers Work Together to Save Red-Tailed Hawk

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On January 18th, Perinton Animal Control received a call about a Red-Tailed Hawk that was acting lethargic in a resident’s backyard. Upon arrival, Animal Control Officer Steve Pringle noted the bird’s only movement was the blinking of its eyes, which gave him hope for recovery if he could get the hawk the help it needed.

With the assistance of Animal Control Officer Jeff Sens and local rehabber, Joanne, the hawk was transported to Cornell Wildlife Hospital to be evaluated for possible poisoning. After a few days at the hospital, the hawk’s health turned a corner and the staff had hope for a full recovery.

Now, nine days later, the hawk has been discharged from the hospital and is currently recovering at the Finger Lakes Raptor Center, Inc. There it will continue to receive treatment and be fed a diet to regain weight and muscle. The bird is expected to be released back into the wild within a month or two.

The cause of the hawk’s illness was determined to be a serious case of rodenticide poisoning. It likely consumed a rodent that was poisoned. This is a potential danger of using rodenticide, and a reminder to consult a professional when it comes to controlling rodents in and around your home.

Perinton Animal Control would like to thank the resident who took the time to call, along with our dedicated staff, and the wildlife professionals and expert veterinarians involved in saving this beautiful bird.

Please check out raptorsarethesolution.org for more information on the dangers of using rodenticides.

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