Trail Town USA: Perinton’s Newest Gem, Spring Lake Trail, Unveiled

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Spring Lake Trail connects the Town of Perinton to Channing Philbrick Park in Penfield, bringing the reality of connecting the Erie Canal Trail with the Seaway Trail at the South End of Irondequoit Bay one-step closer.

Perinton Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna and the Perinton Town Board were joined by Penfield Town Supervisor Debbie Drawe, town officials, and neighbors to cut the ribbon on Spring Lake Trail. Previously a worn footpath with a challenging slope along Irondequoit Creek, construction on the trail commenced in the summer of 2023. The new trail is now part of the Town’s significant network of trails, which had previously earned Perinton designation as a “Trail Town USA” by the American Hiking Society.

The new 2,100 linear foot stone dust trail follows along Irondequoit Creek, forging a vital connection from Spring Lake Park in the Town of Perinton to an existing trail network in the neighboring Town of Penfield, ultimately leading to Channing Philbrick Park. However, the trail is far more than a local amenity; it is a pivotal link in the expansive regional trail network, connecting the Towpath trail along the historic Erie Canal to the Seaway Trail at the south end of Irondequoit Bay.

“Through years of collaboration and perseverance, we’ve transformed a long-held vision into a reality. Spring Lake Trail isn’t only a path through one of our parks; it’s a symbol of our collective commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our town, fostering greater connectivity, and creating a sustainable legacy for generations to come,” said Hanna. “The Town of Perinton is living up to our designation as a ‘Trail Town USA’ by not only maintaining our significant network of trails but also investing in links to other communities. In this case, we were able to link a once-secluded area to a neighboring park and the iconic Seaway Trail. Thank you to our funding and project partners for their support in making this project a reality.”

First envisioned by both the Town of Perinton and Penfield in the late 1960s, this trail primarily improves public access to scenic waterfront resources along Irondequoit Creek. It also provides important bank stabilization improvements and reduces the amount of sediment in the creek, which will improve water quality and fish habitat.

A new timber-framed bridge has been constructed to facilitate passage across an overflow channel of the creek, with a dedication to one of the landowners who generously granted an easement for the project. This bridge is affectionately known as “Babci’s Bridge,” a tribute to the Polish word for grandmother, underscoring the central role of community and family in the legacy that this trail will create for generations to come.

“We’re thrilled to have this project completed which will greatly benefit our communities,” said Penfield Town Supervisor Debbie Drawe. “This new link connecting Perinton’s Spring Lake Trail to Channing Philbrick Park in the Town of Penfield offers an incredibly scenic stretch in a serene setting that can be enjoyed year-round. It also continues to uphold the commitment of both of our communities to work in partnership to enhance trail connectivity. I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone that made this project possible.”

The majority of this transformative project was made possible through Federal Funds, including Recreational Trail Program grant dollars. Spring Lake Trail can be accessed through the front parking lot of Spring Lake Park, located at 99 Whitney Rd., 14526, in the Town of Perinton.

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