Two state championships, two pair of sisters, one family

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Earlier this month, Victor girls lacrosse won their second consecutive Class B state championship. Later that day, the Fairport girls team grabbed their first state title in program history.

Both schools have a pair of sisters, the Peers at Fairport and the Livingston’s at Victor, who played huge roles in their success. The connection between the two pairs of sisters? They are all from the same family.

“Every time that we got together for family functions we would always bring our sticks and play together in the backyard,” said Victor sophomore attack Morgan Livingston. “Then again me and Ella [Peers] play on the same club team. So we’re always playing together at practice.”

The Peers sisters and Livingston siblings share the same grandparents. Hardened by those battles in the yard, the four cousins are all ultra competitive.

“I remember we would do sprints along the golf course,” said Victor junior midfielder Devin Livingston. “We would just continuously do sprints to see who would win. Who’s the fastest? I remember doing that so many times just so I could win. But Ava [Peers] would usually kick our butts.”

Playing for different high schools, the family members square off once a season. But not even school pride can separate the love the cousins have for one another.

“We’ll be standing next to each other at the draw circle and we’re like ‘oh hey good luck,'” said Fairport junior midfielder Ella Peers. “It’s more humor to it.”

When they’re not competing, the cousins show nothing but love for each other. As you might expect that support reached a new level during each school’s state final.

“Our whole team was crowded along the fence,” said Ella Peers. “We were screaming for Devin and Morgan and screaming for them to win. Then when we were beginning warmups we ran over to them while they were getting their pictures taken and gave them a big hug and congratulating them.”

After Victor defeated Garden City in the Class B title game, the Livingston sisters told their cousins it was their turn to bring home a state championship.

“Oh my god it was nuts,” said Fairport senior midfielder Ava Peers. “Like along the fence watching them win it all. I had so many nerves going into that game. When I saw Devin run over, I was like oh my god this feeling is so real right now.”

The Livingston siblings were unable to return the favor and watch Fairport play in their state championship game in person as the team bus had to return to Victor. So the cousins improvised and found a way to support.

“We actually bought the game,” said Devin Livingston. “I think three of our teammates bought the game. We were huddled around like two or three seats watching the game like ‘oh my God what’s going to come next. Like what’s going to happen? Is she going to get the draw?’ That was a fun atmosphere to be in.”

The family have all enjoyed a great amount of team success in their careers. But they are all phenomenal players individually as well.

Ava Peers is signed to play lacrosse at Louisville this fall while Devin Livingston is currently committed to play at Maryland.

“I’m so excited to see where Morgan [Livingston] and Ella [Peers] end up,” said Ava Peers. “Their recruiting process will begin in September so it kind of bums me that I won’t be there for them. But I’m super excited to see where their experience takes them.”

What started off as a simple game in the backyard…led to an unforgettable day for the family. As Ava Peers said…it’s not everyday that you have 4 granddaughters all come home as state champs.

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