Building and Codes suggest you start planning now for your nice-weather projects

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It is time to start thinking about the home improvement projects that you are planning to tackle once nice weather finally arrives for good.

Whether it’s a new shed, deck, fence, finished basement or any other project you can dream up, the Perinton Building & Codes Department (BCD) is available to help you plan your project and get it off the ground.  Check out perinton.org for tips on choosing a contractor, building permit requirements and other helpful information. Have a specific question? Send us a message or stop in and speak to one of our knowledgeable building inspectors.

Don’t forget that with any outside project, your local zoning determines the property line setbacks and buildable locations on your property. BCD staff can determine if your project meets the zoning for your neighborhood. Some scenarios require a trip to the Zoning Board of Appeals if your project doesn’t quite meet the zoning. Variance applications are due at least 4 weeks before the meeting date so be sure to check your zoning ahead of time to avoid delay when you are ready to get started.

Once you have made your decisions and are ready for the next step, follow the permit requirement guidelines and submit your building permit application to the BCD office for review. Most applications are reviewed in about a week, but that time increases as spring approaches so get your application in early. Permits are valid for 6 months or more so it’s a good idea to get your permit early so you’re ready for the nicer weather.

As your project progresses, our building inspectors will perform the necessary inspections to help you comply with the building and zoning code. All of our inspectors have extensive building code and construction experience so be sure to tap them for any questions you may have.

Once your project is finished and the final inspection is complete, BCD will issue a certificate of compliance or occupancy indicating the project meets all applicable codes. The Town will maintain your permit records for the entire life of your property. 

So make the best of the colder months and start planning your projects now. BCD is here to help you make your improvements go as smoothly as possible.

For more information, go to our Building and Codes page.

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