Fairport residents pack village hall over ‘Liftbridge Lane East’ project

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FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — The Village of Fairport is considering a re-design for Liftbrige Lane East, hoping to ease congestion and make things safer for bikers and those on foot. As part of this project, a handful of key parking spots would be relocated in order to make two bike lanes and crosswalks for pedestrians.

Residents like Jim Tulloch, speaking to the board Monday night, said the biggest problem with this lift bridge project is the disruption it will cause for folks and for businesses. “And the amount of effort that’s going to be necessary to create a bike lane and move parking spaces,” he said.

The village says the current conditions are unsafe for bikers and traffic, and less safe for walkers when bikes move to sidewalks to avoid mixing with cars. Others welcomed the idea of a safe bike lane, and a more pedestrian-friendly future. 

“I look forward to the plans that they have to make biking that much safer,” said one resident.

“There is not one study that has shown a negative impact on businesses,” said another resident.

Full house at Fairport Village Hall this evening — hot topic from residents: the lift bridge lane active transport project. More details tonight on News 8 at 11. pic.twitter.com/cljcR1T2Ob

— Christian Garzone (@ccjgarzone) February 13, 2023

For one guy eyeing a new apartment, he feels it could make a potential move a giant pain. “I have big dressers, a couch, a TV, all that kind of stuff,” he said.

Mayor Julie Domaratz told News 8, she’s committed to making Fairport one of a kind. 

“Not everybody has a car, so some people bike, some walk, some have cars, and in that same vein, I’m committed to making  Fairport the most walkable community in New York State,” she said.

The board approved the project back in September and as far as Domaratz is concerned, it’s happening.

Some said this project will just be another cycle of village construction that hinders movement for everyone. “For the lift bridge lane project, I do not believe that all viable options have been considered,” said one gentleman.

Despite these concerns, the Village’s website says the paving project is expected to begin in the springtime. Funding for the project will be determined in the coming weeks, although the project will be funded partially by a state grant. 

To read the full plan, click here.

Rendering of proposed area

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