Highway & Sewer Wrap Up a Busy Construction Season

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It was yet another highly productive construction season for Perinton Public Works (DPW).

Each year, the Perinton Highway Department completes critical road maintenance work on our Town and County highways in Perinton. This year, DPW’s county work included the complete resurfacing of Victor Rd, drainage work on Carter Road, shoulder work on Turk Hill Road, as well as the maintenance and protection of traffic efforts for the resurfacing of Jefferson Avenue. The Perinton Highway Department also engaged in collaborative efforts with the Fairport Village DPW for their milling and paving program. Notably, the Perinton Highway Department milled and paved 4.5 miles of Town road and replaced roughly 26,000 feet of concrete gutter. Other key roadwork projects included the Selborne Chase area, Mason Valley neighborhood, Blackwatch neighborhood BOCES Blvd., and the Ayrault Road Boat Launch. Additionally, 21.5 miles of Town roads were chip-sealed along with the parking lots at Kreag Rd. Park, White Brook Nature Center, and Center Park East and West.

Equally significant are the achievements of our Sewer Department. Their often ‘unseen’ but vital work plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our infrastructure. This year, they meticulously repaired and relined extensive lengths of Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer, lining 1,220 feet of sanitary sewer and 1,249 feet of storm sewer. A significant project for 2023 was the elimination of the aging Ayrault Road Pump Station and the installation of 4,500 feet of gravity sewer along the RS&E Trail, from Ayrault Road to Pebble Hill Drive. The Sewer Department also completed a generator installation at the Westwood pump station.

Additionally, both the Highway and Sewer Departments coordinated several large drainage projects, the most notable being the rehabilitation of Captiva Crossing Stormwater Pond, the reconstruction of the Lower Selborne Chase Stormwater Pond, the reconstruction of the Wickersham Stormwater Pond, and the improvements to the Corporate Crossing Stormwater Pond.

These departments also completed the Cambric Circle and Woolston Road Drainage Channel improvements, the Charring Cross Culvert Replacement Project, the Thornell Road/Pine Needles Drive Drainage Improvement Project, and the Railroad Mills Culvert Improvement Project.

Perinton Public Works has also been engaged in other capital improvement projects, including the Perinton Skatepark improvements, Spring Lake Trail expansion, Birling Gap Emergency Manhole Replacement & Outfall Repair, and the Ryan Road Bank Stabilization Project.

The success of the busy season is a testament to the dedication of our exceptional team in Public Works. Their expertise and commitment drive our Town’s progress while delivering significant cost savings for taxpayers.

As the season transitions, crews are busy with leaf collection and will shift to snow and ice operations once needed. When you encounter them on the road, please remember to provide them with plenty of space to work, whether they are involved in roadwork, utility work, drainage work, sidewalk work, leaf collection, or plowing. Their tireless efforts are instrumental in enhancing the lives of our residents and fortifying the resilience of our Town.

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