Perinton Skatepark Project: Progress Update and Exciting Developments

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The Perinton Skatepark project is making significant strides towards becoming a reality, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Perinton Recreation & Parks Department, Perinton Public Works, community advocates, and Town leadership.

In completing the grading and drainage phase, Perinton Public Works has laid the foundation for the skatepark’s infrastructure with precision and care. This crucial step ensures the safety and longevity of the park, setting the stage for an amazing recreational space that will serve the community for years to come.

Excitement is building as our skatepark design and construction company, Spohn Ranch, is starting the construction phase on July 31st. They will use their expertise to transform the skatepark’s design into a tangible, dynamic space for skateboarders, rollerbladers, BMX riders, and all-wheeled sport enthusiasts. This is a significant milestone, marking the beginning of the skatepark’s transformation from concept to reality.

Rochester Earth Incorporated is also contributing to the project, with their work scheduled to commence during the week of July 31st. Their responsibilities include creating a storm water management facility, building a parking lot, sidewalks, and an inviting pedestrian gateway entrance. The addition of a new expanded parking lot will ensure convenience and accessibility for all visitors.

The Perinton Skatepark has already become a popular spot for families and kids to gather and watch the construction progress. The community’s enthusiasm for the project showcases its potential to become a hub for fostering community and promoting physical activity among our younger population. As construction continues and the skatepark takes shape, residents are eagerly looking forward to the recreational opportunities and social connections it will provide. Perinton Recreation & Parks, Perinton DPW, Spohn Ranch, and Rochester Earth are working diligently to bring this exciting recreational project to life, and the anticipation for its grand opening is growing day by day.

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