Pines of Perinton residents demand action at town board meeting

By in Fairport NY News

FAIRPORT N.Y. (WROC) – Members of the Pines of Perinton community voiced their frustrations to board members on what some call “uninhabitable living conditions.”

In Fairport at the Perinton Town Hall a small crowd attended, but those who chose to speak had large issues that needed to be addressed with Pines of Perinton.

As News 8 has reported in the past, Pines of Perinton has had many issues over the last couple of years including a fire displacing residents and rodent infested water. Residents are saying there are additional issues they are facing, and they are upset that promises made are not being fulfilled.

“How does it feel to sit in a warm comfortable room? If you wash your hands, is it nice to have warm water? These are the things the residents in Pine have been without or have been intermittent. Can you imagine enduring subzero temperatures without heat and hot water,” said Tiffany Porter.

“It has been nothing but chaos. it took weeks to get fencing around construction materials being dropped on sight, safety protocols seem to be non-existent, cranes are operating actively above children that are playing, nothing is quarantined off, near misses as the contracting industry calls it occurs every single day,” said Karen Wickey.

Ed Cafasso, on behalf of the pines of Perinton provided a statement in response saying,
“We have been moving forward with a $137 million renovation of the Pines of Perinton since the Spring of 2023. Work is ongoing to install new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and windows in every apartment. To date, 60 apartments have been completely renovated and work is underway to upgrade an additional 40 units. Next month, 19 newly constructed apartments will be ready for occupancy. In addition, new roofs have already been installed on every building; every building has been repainted; and, a new security camera system is in operation. Renovations are also underway on the community center, which is being modernized to offer additional resident amenities and meeting space. New energy-efficient heating and cooling systems are also planned. This is a complex project and we appreciate the patience that residents have shown as we deliver long-overdue improvements to their homes and the property. There are no known code enforcement issues currently, but, as always, we encourage residents to bring maintenance concerns to the attention of staff so that they can be addressed promptly.”

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